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Brett Ardoin    

Teacher, Drama, Support Staff

Education and experience
I studied theatre at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and started working with children with special needs in 1984. My sister was born with cerebral palsy, which provided me the opportunity to work with my family and learn how to care for her. I also worked at the Noah Project, which specialized in The Son-Rise Program. This program teaches a specific and comprehensive system used to strengthen communication abilities in children with autism.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at The St. Anthony School?
My favorite thing about teaching at TSAS has been the encouragement, support and incredibly positive attitude of the staff.

What is your most memorable moment since you've been at St. Anthony?
My most memorable moments at TSAS are always watching students become more aware of their ability to fearlessly create.

What is the one thing you want every parent to know about this school?
I’d like the parents to know that the staff at TSAS always does their best to provide a nurturing and safe environment in which their child can feel comfortable and hopeful about success.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In my spare time I enjoy making collage art and performing at open mics in the DFW area. I’m always looking for opportunities to co-create.