The Compass program is designed to provide high school students with multiple pathways as they navigate their academic careers and prepare for life after graduation. Pathways in the Compass program include volunteering, continuing education, career studies, vocational programs and workforce entry.

Compass provides the support, education and growth of life management skills needed for healthy, independent living as well as the development of vocational skills and continuing education. The program offers a range of services, including tutoring and mentoring, life coaching and related skill development, all supported by licensed professional counselors as well as external dialogue with therapists, doctors and counselors.

The Compass Program Offers

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St. Anthony assists in the arrangement of DART transportation to and from volunteer or work sites.


Scheduling and Coordination
Compass helps volunteer or work programs identify a child’s therapeutic or social needs, and creates weekly schedules to develop routines and a sense of accountability and independence.

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Financial Planning
St. Anthony assists financial planning to help students develop and achieve financial goals.  


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