Elementary School


The St. Anthony School Elementary Program includes kindergarten through the fifth grade and emphasizes a small-ratio-based learning with built-in “all day” social skills. Each student is placed in a personalized curriculum based on his or her learning style and grounded in multisensory, experiential education to create the most conducive learning environment possible.


Core Subjects

Social Studies

Behavioral Concepts

Students learn how to express their needs and acquire the skills needed to clearly and successfully communicate with the people around them.

Reflective modeling:
Students acquire the skill set needed to function outside of environments with clearly defined structure, such as a classroom. Using the reflective modeling system, St. Anthony students learn and grow in a safe and structured environment, then learn how to apply those lessons to other facets of life outside the classroom.

Peer relations:
Learning how to best communicate with one’s peers is a core learning objective for every child. To that end, teachers and staff model the most effective methods of communication, which the students then model.

Daily living:
Students learn how to navigate the day-to-day aspects of life, from getting dressed to loading a backpack to maintaining an organized workspace.

Testing and Accreditation

Annual Achievement Testing
The Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) is administered three times a year to allow staff to focus on target areas in academic achievement.

The St. Anthony School is a fully accredited educational institution through the Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS), and all curriculum is fully aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


What to expect

The St. Anthony School focuses on the emotional, physical, academic and social health of every student. A typical day begins with morning social skill groups, with certified and specialized staff teaching students mindfulness.

As the day transitions to academics, students begin their personalized curriculum of multi-sensory core subjects. Parents can expect TEKS-approved curriculum customized after assessments in which each student is placed at the academic level that challenges and interests them while also meeting individual needs. This can include programs such as:

  • Our interactive GoMath! curriculum, which allows for small-ratio class participation and hands-on learning.

  • STEMscopes, an online, comprehensive science program.

  • Pearson Realize, a digital program for language arts, reading and social studies/history that enables staff to individualize assignments based on a student’s performance.

  • First Strokes: The Handwriting Clinic, an occupational therapy approach to mastering fine motor skills to improve both handwriting and self-confidence.

These programs and more are built into The St. Anthony coaching card, a reflective modeling system by which students receive immediate feedback on how they manage their days. The card travels with them from class to class and reflects their ability to maintain standard goals of behavior focused on politeness, respect, responsibility, self-advocacy and an ability to follow directions.

At St. Anthony, we also understand the need for movement and self-expression.
To that end, we’ve developed special programs such as:


Art to promote self-expression through various mediums.

Group 41.png

Recreational therapy to build an awareness of the group mind coupled with attention to sensory and motor function.

Group 42.png

Drama, designed specifically for the sensory child to provide students with theater and improvisational experience that expands awareness, stimulates the imagination and develops skills of expressional projection into unfamiliar situations. 


Our staff is dedicated to celebrating the successes of every child they help. Want to meet us?