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Julia Cinquepalmi, M.Ed., LPC

Teacher, Secondary School/English Coordinator

Education and experience
I have a master’s degree in education and counseling from the University of North Texas and have worked as an adolescent and family therapist in various Dallas hospitals and in private practice for more than 20 years. I love bringing my therapeutic background to The St. Anthony classrooms.

What is your favorite thing about teaching/working at The St. Anthony School?
Watching a student’s perspective widen is very cool. But also, the people.

What is your most memorable moment since you’ve been at St. Anthony?
My most memorable moment was running into a former student on a college campus. He was happy and relaxed and hanging out with some college friends in between his classes. Enough said.

What is one thing you want every parent to know about this school?
Everyone working here is thoroughly grounded in our philosophy of doing whatever is best for the kids. In fact, the touchstone phrase we use every day to keep ourselves focused on the simple reason we do such complicated jobs is, “What is best for this kid.”

What do you do in your spare time?
My favorite thing to do is hang out with my family, but I also love to read. I volunteer at a local community theater and am very excited about anything related to theater and Broadway shows!