Secondary School


The secondary school at St. Anthony includes grades six through twelve. After testing, students are placed in an individualized curriculum based on abilities and academic needs. Social skills and esteem building in this unique therapeutic environment remain a top priority.


Core Subjects

Social Studies

Behavioral Concepts

  • Self-discipline, self-esteem and a positive, realistic, self-image

  • Communication skills necessary to function effectively in diverse environments

  • Sound emotional, mental, and physical health practices

  • An appreciation of aesthetic values and growth in creative interests

  • An understanding and appreciation of our social heritage and acceptance of responsibility for evaluating and contributing to it

  • The ability to examine available information, to distinguish fact from opinion, and to think objectively and critically

  • Sound moral and ethical values that serve as guides to desirable conduct in personal, family, and community living

  • An understanding that education is a continuing life process


Annual Achievement Testing

The Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) is administered three times a year to allow staff to focus on target areas in academic achievement.


The St. Anthony School is a fully accredited educational institution through the Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS), and all curriculum is fully aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


What to expect

Similar to The St. Anthony elementary program, middle and high school students at St. Anthony begin their days by entering a world of purpose and mindfulness. A student comfortable with his or her environment will have less anxiety about the day ahead, and therefore will have a greater opportunity for success.

The St. Anthony School embraces the incorporation of self-awareness into daily student life, maintaining a belief that the whole child must be served and connected to on a personal level for him or her to succeed and thrive. Our motto, “Connect before redirect,” is a daily reminder that we must build a relationship of trust with each child before he or she can learn effectively.


Our TEKS-approved curriculum encompasses:

Group 17.png

STEMscopes science, an interactive and experiential learning course that incorporates labs, distance learning activities and more.

Group 34.png

myPerspectives by Pearson, a fully immersive online English curriculum to teach vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and a real-time writing lab.

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Personalized algebra, geometry, precalculus and calculus classes that are individualized per initial assessment and adjusted as needed.

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Interactive history programs featuring field studies, group projects, with courses in state, U.S. and world history, geography, government and economics.

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Electives in art, theater, creative writing, health, Spanish, photography and Adaptive PE.



Daily Feedback

More than a school, The St. Anthony approach includes comprehensive multidisciplinary coordination, aligning the best interests of each child with internal and external support. This includes dialogue with therapists and doctors as well as extensive family interaction and therapy provided onsite daily. Our goal is to promote self-advocacy while strategizing on effective outcomes given a child’s recent testing, diagnoses, medications, academic performance and social interactions to individualize goal setting. We accomplish this through our reflective modeling system, the coaching card, to help students receive immediate feedback on how they manage their day with the ultimate goal of setting standards of behavior, managing their time and organizational skills. 


Our staff is dedicated to celebrating the successes of every child they help. Want to meet us?