Summer Camps


Summer at The St. Anthony School is sure to be busy and exciting! We’ll be exploring social and academic concepts through on and off-campus activities. Crazy science experiments, Christmas in June, LEGO challenges and life-size board games are just a few activities we’ll be diving into.

Previous Camp Experiences

Benefits of Summer Camp


Exposure to new activities
While we offer frequent field trips and off-site events throughout the school year, summer camp is focused on extracurricular learning and skill-building through engaging activities outside of the academic atmosphere. This can give kids an opportunity for self-discovery and a chance to develop independence.


Summer camp can offer an opportunity for children to expand their social skills in non-classroom settings and to interact with students they don’t attend school with during the year. Camp can offer kids the opportunity to find friends who have similar abilities and learning styles and can relate to their day-to-day challenges.


Readiness for the school year
Eight weeks off from structured learning is too long for young learners, especially those who learn differently. Summer camp provides your child with an opportunity to retain skills learned during the academic year and continue to develop new skills over the summer.

Ready to give your child the gift of summer fun and learning? To register, call the school at 214.443.1205.