Academic Approach


St. Anthony provides a structured, yet adaptable, curriculum for children in grades K-12. Each student’s curriculum is individualized based on their academic and cognitive testing.  


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We understand that every day can present new challenges and opportunities for our students. While our curricula and lesson plans are structured, they are also easily adaptable based on what your child might need that day. For example, if your child had a sleepless night and needs to take a power nap before starting the day, our on-site therapists will be there to assess the student's needs, then work with the student and teacher to come up with a customized solution so they can still have a productive day.

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Our on-site therapists play an important role in every school day to ensure each child feels supported and cared for and is learning how to cope with their differences in a way that sets them up for future success. Our therapists meet your child where they are at their time of need—in a classroom or on the playground—instead of having children sent away to an office, which could feel like punishment.


In every classroom at St. Anthony, you’ll find behavior charts used to document behavior and reward students for good work throughout the day. Students work to achieve a “level four,” which allows them to participate in the most activities. These charts are also helpful for monitoring the moods of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder and for identifying behavioral patterns of all children over long periods of time.


The St. Anthony School uses STEMscopes, a comprehensive digital curriculum for students in grades 1-12. STEMscopes introduces the students to content based on their learning level that is meaningful and engaging.


The Touch-Stone program helps prepare high school students for college curricula and environments through dual-credit enrollment and post-high school support. While enrolled at St. Anthony, students have the opportunity to take college-level courses through Collin College. These students enjoy the full support of our teachers and therapists so the transition to college life becomes easier. Classrooms for the Touch-Stone program are even set up like college classrooms to help students become familiar with a new type of learning environment.


Our staff is dedicated to celebrating the successes of every child they help. Want to meet us?